At our logistics center in Kilkenny we have 120, 000sq ft of department of agriculture approved, food grade storage space.

We maintain our stores to the highest standards and have all the necessary equipment and trained staff to meet your needs.

Adding value

The most important aspect of our warehousing is the value we can add to your product.

Bergin Logistics Warehousing

  •  We can store your products in a clean, secure facility.
  •  We can label your product to your customers needs.
  •  We can break the bulk pallets down to the required size and orders of the customer.
  • Repalletize the products to fit your customers needs.
  • On deep sea shipments we can:
  • Loose load the product.
  • Increase the capacity on the pallets allowing you to increase the combined weight of the shipment.

i.e where you were getting 20 tonnes on a shipment you are now getting 25 tonnes on the same floor space. Cutting down on your shipping costs.

  • We have all the necessary facilities for a cross docking service.

We can distribute your full and part loads throughout Ireland overnight and Europe or the UK within 24 hours.

Bergin Logistics - Warehouse

Distribution is another way in which we strive to add value to our customers products. In particular just in time or JIT distribution.

We can have the product with the customer just when they require it. Holding stock on site is an expense we want to help you curtail.